We believe that giving is not just about money. However, for our church to function and to fulfil our vision aims we do need regular giving and donations as well as the other gifts and talents with which we have been richly blessed.

    The Shore Community Church is wholly self-financing. This means that the money for running the church, for paying the bills & staff, maintaining the building & equipment, and buying the things we use comes solely from giving (the Offering) and a few other activities, such as renting out our rooms.

    Giving Financially

    We don't usually talk very much about money here at the Shore Community Church. We certainly never want people to feel under pressure and it can be off putting for visitors. Giving is however an important part of discipleship, and we do believe in being a generous church, providing cheerfully to the needs around us. Put simply, giving is part of our community life together.

    Gift Aid?

    If you are a UK taxpayer, Shore Community Church are able to reclaim a further 25% of the value of your gift. Last year this amounted to £16,000 which makes a very substantial difference to what we are able to do and how we can function. We estimate that we lose about £4,000 by not having some donations gifted.
    For us to be able to claim tax back on your gifts, we need you to:

    Donate via ChurchSuite

    Ways To Give

    Online by direct debit or credit/debit card
Giving through a weekly or monthly direct debit means that we know that we are receiving regular amounts and enables us to financially plan ahead. The easiest way to give is by visiting our online giving page. You can set up a regular gift or one-off donation.

    Cheques and cash
    Donations can be placed in the basket when the offering is taken on Sunday morning or posted to the church office, c/o 73, Victoria Drive, Bognor, PO21 2TD . Cheques should be made payable to "The Shore Community Church". Please seal posted items in an envelope marked 'Confidential'.
 However, the current health crisis means that the post will not be checked so frequently and it may be difficult to bank cash and cheques: We would encourage you to give by other means if at all possible.

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