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    The Shore Café

    The Shore Café is open!

    Come and join us between 12-4pm Tuesday or Wednesday between 10am-2pm.

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    HKUK Welcome

    Due to recent changes in Hong Kong many HK residents with British Citizenship are thinking of moving to the UK. Many of those coming to settle down in the UK will be looking for a caring community where they can feel welcome and valued. We are just that type of people!

    We plan to publicise our welcome to Bognor Regis and The Shore Community Church though social media, the press, the Baptist Union and other organisations who are trying to help people arriving from Hong Kong. Please help us by spreading the word – HKUK Welcome to Bognor Regis!

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    As we will not be meeting for some time and the offering basket will therefore not be going around every Sunday we have set up some alternatives for giving financially to the church. Please click the 'Donate' button below.
    Or you can find out more about how the church finances work on our Giving page.

    Donate via ChurchSuite
    Donate via ChurchSuite

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