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    Welcome to The Shore Community Church. You're in the right place to get all the latest news and resources from The Shore. You can also get more updates and join in the conversation by following our social media feeds.

    All our meetings, including Sunday meetings, Life Groups, 'Making Disciples' groups and the AGM are currently suspended ...But we are still church!

    There are new posts, links, videos and resources being added to our Social Media channels all the time. We will also be live streaming content on Sunday mornings, on this very page!

    You can catch up with recent teaching on the media page, or on Facebook and YouTube.

    Please do drop us a line on social media or via our contact page.


    As we will not be meeting for some time and the offering basket will therefore not be going around every Sunday we have set up some alternatives for giving financially to the church. Please click the 'Donate' button below.
    Or you can find out more about how the church finances work on our Giving page.

    Donate via ChurchSuite
    Donate via ChurchSuite

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