Staff and Leadership

    As a Baptist church, The Shore is guided and governed by its Members. This can be seen throughout the week, in the many amazing, gifted volunteers who are vital to ensuring that everything in the church keeps running. From the children’s work, to the cafe, to our website and social media, to the worship music and A/V technology, to our home groups and activities… and too many other things to mention - all happen because of our volunteers!

    However, there are a few folks with certain roles and responsibilities you might need to know about:


    Safeguarding Officers

    • Gill Blunden-Codd and Amanda Smith


    • Jamie Fredricks - Minister
    • Jonathan Lex - Treasurer
    • Julie Passmore - Pastoral
    • Alister Williams - Youth, Grievances Trustee
    • Sandie Bolton - Cafe Volunteer Coordinator, Renew Wellbeing
    • Daniel Clark - Youth
    • Dave Lacey - Worship Team, Safeguarding Trustee
    • Kim Doherty - Manager of Treasure Box Nursery

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