What is it like?

    The Shore is a really easy-going and welcoming place to be: You can just turn up on a Sunday, you don’t need to book! People will probably say hello to you, but if you prefer to sit quietly that's fine too!

    What do I wear?

    Anything you like, there's no dress code. Just be comfortable and be you!

    What time?

    Doors open from about 10am and there's free tea and coffee while people arrive and chat. The service runs from about 10.30 to 11.45. There's more refreshments and chat in our cafe afterwards. 

    What happens?

    There's some singing: the words will appear on the screen if you want to join in, but it's completely up to you. There will also be some messages and a talk.

    Parking and Accessibility?

    There's a good amount of parking in our car park, and loads more on Victoria Drive and the surrounding roads.

    Note: if you park by the fence, people may box you in, so park on the road if you need to get away promptly. The building is accessible to wheelchairs and we have two disabled toilets.


    The church is self supporting financially so we take up a collection: But there is no pressure to put money in the basket, especially if you are just visiting. Lots of our regulars give by other means anyway, so you won’t be the only one!

    Is there anything for kids and youth? 

    Yes there’s a complete program. Just speak to one of the welcome team and they'll connect you with one of our team. See also our Kids and Youth page!

    I have another question!

    Please do get in touch via email: office@theshorecommunity.church

    Or via Facebook Messenger on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theshorecommunity

    And you can check our other "questions" pages!

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