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    9am-3pm Tuesdays & Wednesdays

    Our Wellbeing Café is an exciting emerging space in the heart of our church building and is so much more than simply a pit stop for a drink and a bite to eat. This is an open and safe space of welcome and inclusion. A café where you can enter in and soak up the warm and relaxed atmosphere!

    The Café is partnered with Renew Wellbeing, a partnership that is centred around supporting mental health and nurturing emotional and mental wellbeing. It is out of this wonderful space that we run much of The Haven, where people gather together to support and be supported by one another across a number of different courses and events.

    We also believe that a key part of our wellbeing is not only to be emotionally / mentally fed, but also physically too! This café is all about quality. Quality drinks. Quality food. Quality service. Quality support. Where possible we source all of our ingredients locally, ethically and sustainably, with a broad range of Fairtrade products. As part of our Eco Church project we aim to be zero waste and efficient in all we do.

    This café is a multifunctional space used for many wonderful community projects taking place through our church. Come and grab a coffee and cake, or a bite to eat, and find out more of what we do… or come and simply be.

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    The Shore Café (8 Photos)

    Pictures from our Wellbeing Café, The Shore Café, part of our Wellbeing Project.
    Volunteers sampling session before opening
    Our menu!
    Loose leaf teas!
    Some of our decor! Tasteful!
    Volunteers sampling session before opening
    Volunteers sampling session before opening
    The Shore Cafe kitchen
    The Shore Cafe space
    Shore Logo

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