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    The Shore Community is proud to share that we are an ‘Eco Church’. Over the past couple of years we have become increasingly aware of our responsibility to care for the environment as a church community. This is underpinned by an understanding that as Christians we are called to take care of God’s beautiful creation. Therefore, The Shore Community Church has teamed up with Eco Church; an award scheme for churches to help provide markers along the way in our journey to becoming more eco-oriented. We have a wonderful Eco Steering Team who meet regularly to consider different ways we can meet our eco targets as a church and help raise awareness of how we can care for the environment.

    Photo of our eco trash picking expedition!

    We are delighted to share that The Shore has received the Bronze award as a result of bringing in a number of measures to ensure we are caring for our climate. To name a few: we have set up a ‘Bug Hotel’ in the church garden with the children, we have ‘twinned’ all of our toilets, we have set up a compost bin for all food waste from the café, we have transitioned to recycled paper, we have hosted a ‘Climate Sunday’ service… and much, much more!

    We also have The Shore Café, which strives to be as eco friendly, ethical and locally sourced as possible.

    Photo of our bug hotel!

    Photo of our eco prayer board

    We will update this page as we continue our eco journey. If you feel inspired to contribute/consider how you can make a difference please do check out the links below about different eco initiatives and resources that help us play our part in caring about this beautiful world God has created!

    Eco Church award scheme:

    A Rocha (international network of environmental organisations with a Christian ethos):

    Fair Trade:


    West Sussex Recycling:

    Our local Eco shop:

    Our local Fair-trade shop:

    Collections for 4Sight

    As a church, we are also collecting items (we have a box in the foyer!) to donate to the charity 4Sight Vision Support who are looking for specific items that they will send onto be recycled to raise funds. Check out the link for more details.

    Eco Policy

    As an Eco Church we have also put together an environmental policy. This document is a marker in our eco journey in encouraging us to consider the various ways we can better care for creation…this doesn’t mean we have it all sorted, or that all of these goals have already been/will be easily achieved soon! It is an aspirational policy for us to orient ourselves towards.

    Click here to download (PDF)

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