Wellbeing Project

    As a church we are developing a vision to “build spaces of care, love, freedom, creativity and justice in our community: Sacred spaces where our actions nurture wellbeing, wholeness and human flourishing...in Jesus’ Name.”

    The Shore Community Church’s Wellbeing Project is a primary strategic way in which we seek to implement that vision, helping our community towards emotional, mental, material and spiritual health and wholeness. This “community” includes the regular worshipping congregation, but also the wider community of our town, and we very much see this Project as an expression of Christian mission to express God’s love for all people. Indeed, while the resources and activities of the Wellbeing Project will be available to the existing worshipping congregation, it will emphasise and prioritise connection with the wider community.

    At the heart of our Wellbeing project is the The Shore Café. This is the beating heart of the project, where many of the courses, events and meet-ups will take place. Why not drop in, grab a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, and check out the different things we have going on for the project?

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